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We have opened a Groupon campaign and there has been some questions regarding how the Groupon works.

There  has been some question as to the type of service the Groupon is to be used for.  What is the difference between a Swedish/Relaxation massage and a Therapeutic massage.

-- A Swedish/Relaxation massage is a light touch massage for the purpose of relaxation. The pressure of the massage is light to a light medium pressure.  This type of massage is designed to promote relaxation, increase circulation and to de-stress after a hard day.  Please do not expect a deep tissue massage with the purchase of this Groupon.

-- A Therapeutic massage is a massage designed to work specifically on areas of concern.  This massage is a medium to heavy pressure massage.  This massage has a combination of deep tissue, myofascial release, accupressure and sports massage, depending on the concern of the client and what muscular issues we find during the massage.  This massage is specifically done for the client on the table and no two are alike as everyone is different.

Your Groupon has an expiration date but it says the value of the Goupon never expires.  What does that mean?

-- The Groupon expires 90 days after purchase.  If it is not used before it expires, then the amount you paid for that Groupon is considered as a gift card or a credit.  That amount is applied to our normal rate for that massage.  For example if you purchased a $32.00 Groupon and it expired, then to receive your massage, you would be asked to pay an additional $33.00 to us.  No refunds will be granted on expired Groupons.

Will you honor the Groupon rate without me having to buy the Groupon?

-- We cannot honor that rate without you purchasing it through Groupon.  If we do, then that defines our regular rate and that would drop the cost of the Groupon to the point that it is not worth offering the discount.

Do you expect tips or are they required?

-- No, we do not expect tips or gratuities.  Our service and your treatment is not determined by whether or not you tip us at the end of your session.  We do appreciate tips, but they are not required.

What is your cancellation policy?

-- We require 24 hour notice of any cancelled appointment.  Same day cancellations or no shows voids the Groupon and no refund will be given.  We respect your time, please respect ours.